Though she be but little!

  i always wonder if i was meant to be a soft girl god gave me thick square toes and my daddy's long brow deep voice       square hips my laugh is harsh like gravel   maybe i'm a strong girl bone plated armor blood stained steel fighting for my rights shrieking for my rights but... Continue Reading →



the first time my body quivered against  your touch                                                           city lights exploded   darling the smell of your skin is            ... Continue Reading →

imagined letters from a half-grown-up

content warning: sexual content i. to the bush-man are you a bush  really     or a tree books mark you bush but i blink and see pumpkin tree with boughs of yellow i always hear that plants are green maybe there’s color smeared on my lens do not be so proud, pumpkin tree           you are small    fat... Continue Reading →

color wheel

blue has become my favorite scent      maybe that’s just because of you--      that what i really love is finding fibers of your sweater to match the shade i’ve never been so enthralled with      old leather     clean perfume     faded jeans      the syllables of your name all stretching... Continue Reading →


content warning: self harm, body image, suicide Days before my seventeenth birthday, I tried to kill myself. I couldn't help it; I was just too heavy. My center of gravity was dragging me down to the bottom of a concrete stairwell, and I was aching for the release that would come with the shattering of... Continue Reading →

Ready to Run

After Dennis Linde and Natalie Maines   What I noticed first about prison was not necessarily the cement walls or the loud air conditioning, and I certainly didn’t pay much mind to the crude (and, to be quite frank, obscene) comments I heard from the guards as they led me to the visitors’ area. What... Continue Reading →

Unplanned Parenthood

Jed Dewhurst lived in the center of town, just a block away from city hall. He was hunchbacked and gray; the shoulders of his suit were broader than his actual structure. Jed Dewhurst never missed a day of church but couldn’t tell you a thing about the parts of the Bible Jesus wasn’t in. He... Continue Reading →

Overgrown (When Rose Flew Away)

When Rose was born, she didn’t cry. Her parents expected a pink and wrinkled baby, but they were given a child with skin the color of milk and smooth as riverstone. Her hair was rose-gold and long, much too long for a baby. She was the ugliest thing her parents had ever seen. The father... Continue Reading →

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