(i can see that you’re breaking)

my taurus baby sick

muscle milk princess please

be okay please stay with me


i saw you bathed in downtown

highlights cheekbones like hard

cut gems you looked like

all you are is

cocoa butter


my strong runner girl breaking

her bones every day


they’ll come back stronger


you’re fighting and screaming

kicking the weight off your chest

kissing your bruised knuckles like


baby baby girl your limbs are shaking

to pieces

my broken sobbing coughing

picture of health

stubborn girl


i’m stripping my own skin off

to make bandages

for you to protect

your shivering muscles

wanting to take care of you

and you’re always telling me

to make things better for myself


she’s made things better for herself

i’ve never seen her this happy


sweet honey apple girl

when will you admit

that you don’t want to be

a l o n e


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