color wheel

blue has become my favorite scent

     maybe that’s just because of you–

     that what i really love is finding fibers of your sweater to match the shade

i’ve never been so enthralled with

     old leather     clean perfume     faded jeans

     the syllables of your name

all stretching denim horizons across my brain

making me a cool toned still water girl like you’ve dreamed of


     you make me wonder what i smell like, really


i secretly hope i’m earthshine gold

     like the girl in my poetry class

     who writes succinct sonnets

     for her brown-eyed baby

he’s in love with the warmth of her laugh

and the way her words shine

     slow and gentle rhythm

           i’m far too brash for such a soft feathery hue


maybe i’m the color of an olive’s skin

     like the courtyard grass caught in your hair

     weathered canvas bags

     the sky after a tornado

the green of a calm and quiet alabama dusk can’t be me

          i could never be so at peace


i like to imagine that i am muted pale pink

like   lace ribbon      roses       dollhouses      and painted teacups

         i imagine i am delicate

i’m trying to match your pastel stride

to be the kind of girl you could write songs about


but you’ve told me i’m pulsating orange

     that i explode like a sunset in the palm of your hand

and you whisper that i’m solid pearl

     the gleaming gates that will lead you to salvation

and in your arms i am red

     blood     beating blood     warm blood     nothing but blood

and i’m scared that my scarlet kisses will burn you away


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